The new age of renovation is riddled with cutting edge designs. You may already be familiar with our Garage Flooring System, storage and aesthetic products – but more importantly – it is not just about what we use to renovate your garage: it’s about how we use your garage space to make our renovations come to life.

INVINCIBLE GARAGE is a proud distributor of PROSLAT STORAGE SYSTEMS. We are the exclusive distributors of their products in Toronto, and the reason for our partnership is simple – their products work.

You’ve almost finished renovations: the damaged floors and walls have been repaired; the Polyaspartic flooring has settled in – you’re actually excited when you open your garage doors! But wait: where do you put your stuff – and how?

Garage organization can be tough. You just never seem to have enough space, but is that really true? We’ve partnered with PROSLAT because we understand our customer’s needs to have a full, but fully organized

garage area. Garage organization – more often than not – is the most common concern for our customers.

PROSLAT will help you maximize accessibility. PROSLAT enforces modular, multi-systemic storage designs that combine cabinetry, shelving and wall organizers (slatwalls) to match the design you have in mind. In other words, we know where to put those items you’re determined to keep. With stylish panelling, a diverse set of interchangeable hooks, attachments and accessories; you can hang anything without regret. No more looking back. No need to fear your significant other! Hang that tire rack next to your weed-wacker. If it doesn’t work, use a different combination – you have the freedom to re-design, re- integrate, and re-imagine what your garage organization will look like.