Benefits of Garage Polyaspartic Flooring

Concrete garage flooring is one of most often overlooked areas in the home people tend to leave unfinished. However, leaving the garage floor unfinished can lead to problems with minor cracks, staining, and increased dust. In fact, most of the dust in the garage comes from dusty powder directly from the concrete floor.

Since more people are using their garages for other functions and purposes, besides parking their vehicles, it only makes sense to have the floor finished. Having an experienced Polyaspartic garage flooring contractor finish your garage floor not only adds value to your home, but also transforms the plain-looking cement floor into a beautiful looking floor, as well as provides these benefits:

Eliminates Imperfections – Polyaspartic coatings resolves problems with cracks, stains, and uneven areas. The coating seals cracks and prevents them from spreading. In addition, because the coating is applied to the entire garage floor, it covers up stains. Plus, epoxy is self-leveling, so any uneven areas are no longer a problem.

Resists Stains and Moisture – Polyaspartic is resistant to stains, including those that are petroleum based, like oil and gasoline, and even other fluids that might drip from your vehicle. Further, the coating resists moisture, so any water remains on top of the floor, unlike concrete, which can absorb moisture.

Damage Resistant – Polyaspartic has features to resists cracking and chipping. It is able to withstand impacts, within reason, if you accidently drop tools or knock over a bike.

Makes the Garage Brighter – Depending on the type of polyaspartic colour and finish you choose for your garage, the finished surface can be reflective, which will increase the light levels within the garage.

Easy to Clean and Maintain – Since polyaspartic coatings resist moisture and staining, they remain on top, which makes clean up simply and easy. All that is require to keep you floor looking beautiful is regular mopping with an approved soap and warm water. Dry floors can also be swept with a broom, when you only need to remove debris and dirt tracked into the garage from outside.

Why Professional Applied Polyaspartic Coatings Are Superior to Store Bought Ones

The polyaspartic coating kits typically found at home improvement stores are of a lower quality than those used by a professional garage flooring contractor. Store bought coatings are mostly water-based. As a result, once applied and dried, they only create a very thin layer of coating that lacks the toughness and resistance of professionally applied coatings.

Whereas with professional coatings, their application involves rather detailed processes, like correctly preparing the cement floor before applying, and applying multiple layers of coatings to ensure the finished floor provides a very durable, stain and moisture resistant surface that will last for years. For more information about high quality polyaspartic coatings for your garage floor and to see the wide array of colour choices and finishes available, contact Invincible Garage today at 416-833-5715.