Garage Flooring: Everything You Need to Know Before You Start

The garage is becoming much more than just a place to keep your car, and many people are interested in high-quality garage flooring. Where old concrete floors often have cracks or holes, adding new flooring improves the look and functionality of your garage. 

Different Types of Garage Flooring

There are many different types of garage flooring, such as rigid plastic tiles. Floor paint is also a popular choice, as it helps contain dust and improve the appearance of the area. We believe that epoxy resin flooring is one of the finest choices you can turn to, although there's some confusion surrounding epoxy-based choices. For instance, many people won't know the difference between epoxy paint or epoxy resin at a glance. 

Epoxy Paint or Epoxy Resin

Paint-based flooring typically comes in the shape of a mixture of paint with small quantities of epoxy that make the surface more durable and scratch-resistant. However, it's only a modest improvement over standard paint. An epoxy resin floor consists of a thick, layered coating made of epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. When you mix the two compounds, it triggers a chemical reaction that ultimately produced an extremely tough, reliable material.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Once the chemicals finish the curing process, you'll have a smooth, strong garage floor. An epoxy resin garage floor carries some of the following benefits:


If you're hard at work and drop a steel tool or knock something over, it will damage many popular forms of garage flooring. However, an epoxy resin garage floor is extremely resistant to scratching and chipping. Not only will these little accidents fail to damage your floor, but they shouldn't even damage the appearance of the floor.

Professional Finish

Epoxy resin flooring comes with several layers. The top layers create a smooth texture and semi-transparent, vibrant look that other flooring types can't replicate. 

Dust Control

Most of the dust that exists in a garage consist of loose concrete particles. Since epoxy flooring is a topical sealant, it will contain this dust and help keep the air in your garage clear. Not to mention, reduced dust buildup will be good for your equipment and increase the ease of cleaning.

Fills Cracks 

Cracks and holes in a concrete floor are ugly at best and hazardous at worst, and flooring options such as paint won't resolve them. On the other hand, a resin garage floor will fill in the entire surface area of your floor in a manner that produces a level floor. The final result is a floor without cracks and similar tripping hazards.

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