How long does the flooring installation take?

Our polyaspartic floor solution is fast curing, setting in a matter of hours. However, if the underlying concrete needs to be repaired prior to coating, the project may take a few days to ensure all components can cure properly.

How long after the garage flooring has been installed can the garage be used?

After the coating has been applied it will set in just a few hours. To be safe, the floor is left to cure for 24 hours and then can be used as usual.

How much weight can be hung on slat-wall organizers?

The Proslat system is a strong assembly capable of supporting up to 75lbs per square foot. Larger objects can be supported with multiple hooks, increasing the load capability.

Can I hang a tire rack on the slat walls?

A Proslat tire rack is available that can hold up to 350lbs suitable for most sets of tires. If you have specific requirements, we can also offer you a custom wall or ceiling mount solution.

Can I finish the unfinished walls using Slatwalls instead of drywall?

If your garage is an unconditioned space the Proslat system can be mounted directly to the wall framing. However, if your garage renovation includes heating and air conditioning you may be required to use drywall to meet code requirements.

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