Turning Your Garage Into a Usable Space

Every inch of space in your house matters. Your garage is not only your car's home but also a room that you could leverage for storing other items. Tools like shovels, hammers, and rakes deserve a safe place in the garage, but they won't fit if there's no space to accommodate them. 

Fortunately, there are many smart ways to reorganize your garage and create extra space. It's a tiresome task that may require the services of a top-rated garage makeover company. But if you're thinking of organizing your garage into usable space as a DIY project, here are a few steps to get started.

1. Floor Spacing

Floor space is probably the most significant asset any storage room could have. With a clear floor space, it's easy to move around and clean. Clear as much space as possible by pushing items to the wall and corners. Also, ensure that the floor is clean and dust-free to prevent damage. Hiring a garage planning and renovation service could increase the floor space and give it a fresh new look. 

2. Shelving

Shelves and cabinets offer additional space for storing smaller items like detergents, hand-held tools, and car care products. Here are several shelf ideas that might help:

Wire Shelves: A wire shelf can be fitted across the wall at a convenient height to hold items in an arranged manner.

Corner Shelves: These take advantage of the corners and involve nailing cleats to the wall to support plywood holders. Corner shelves are cheap and very easy to construct.

Shelving requires a smart approach. Top shelves should be designated for items that are rarely used.

3. Specialized Stations and Organized Workspaces

A specialized station is a space used to keep tools and equipment that perform similar tasks. An organized workspace is where you'll be running your activities from. It should be equipped with accessories like a dustbin, an office table, and general tools to avoid frequent movement.

4. Monkey Bar Storage Unit

Like the sidewall storage unit, a monkey bar wall unit is a sturdy compartment with strong solid steel bars carefully bolted on the garage walls to provide more storage space. Its strength is incredible and can store heavy tools, including wheelbarrows. Its design makes it suitable for accommodating more stuff, such as storage bins.

5. Multipurpose Storage Compartment for the Side Walls

These require good designing skills for maximum space utilization. With the wrong measurements, a sidewall compartment could go wrong. A well-designed sidewall storage unit is not only appealing but can also bear a lot of weight. It also lets you hang tools onto carefully positioned hooks. 

6. Heavy-Duty Racks

Some items, such as concrete blocks and vehicle tires, are too heavy to be placed on ordinary shelves and cabinets. Heavy-duty racks are made of sturdy solid steel designed to hold heavy items in place. A typical heavy-duty rack can bear more than 200kg in total weight.

Give Your Garage a Fresh Look!

Garage organization is the first step to creating additional space for storing other items. With careful planning and design, your garage can have a lot more space than you could imagine. However, don't forget safety comes first. Store everything as recommended to keep you and your family safe.